You know I thought it was ‘him’ that glued all those experiences of love together, ‘him’ who had made my experience so┬áspecial. It wasn’t. I thought it was this person, that person, this trip, that meeting. But it wasn’t.

It was me that made it so special. They were just vehicles for the expression of what needed to be expressed at that time. The reason this feels so satisfying to believe is I can let go of that cracked mind that I thought ‘he was the thing that held it together,’ ‘with his glue’. Finally, I can see a greater perspective, a greater love a greater picture. It was me that created that experience. So often we spend time blaming ourselves for the shit we get into. Little do we congratulate ourselves for the wins. Too often we look to the others and say thank you, it’s because of you I made it.

Well, great BUT no…Let’s roll around in the glory that the glue that held it all together, that made it beautiful was YOURSELF! Celebrate your achievements and know it’s you that allowed yourself to have it.