If the refractors of light from Tiphareth are not of a strong force, they will lose their energy before they can manifest into Malkuth. Weakened force is indicated when images of greatness are revealed in Yesod, however do not manifest into Malkuth.

The mental images of greatness are not reality, they are just a reflection of possibility. When one is forced to face reality and they see that the images of greatness have not manifested, but stayed as thought forms, great disappointment is felt.

Your subconscious shows the potential, the wisdom is not learnt until it is grounded in experience through all worlds, including Malkuth. Therefore, one needs to question where they are losing force to overcome the risk of greatness being ‘unrealised’ in Malkuth. In reflection, I see the greatest leak of energy is putting attachement onto externalities. This breaks ones energetic being and leaks force from the images of greatness.

Spirit, clarity and knowing of the ‘I’ strengthens will, and ‘will’ creates determination to manifest your greatest mental images into reality.