Aching heart sour as unripe grapes grips my sides and won’t  relent until it feels the warmth of tears on my cheek.

Won’t you let me just ‘be’ Aching Heart.

I’ve spent too long sitting by your side holding your shoulders in this shadow of the valley. I have to walk away, I have to walk to a peak and see if there is a horizon for you to walk towards, out of this ditch.

I did find the sun from the peak, I’ve coaxed its golden rays down into this cold lonely valley to help you mend; yet Broken Heart you hide, not wanting to feel its light.

Do I stay in this valley and hold your shoulders, again?

Or do I walk away and let your eyes adjust to the darkness and hope you heal in your own time.

I don’t want to sweep you under the rug Broken Heart, I know that doesn’t work. But I can’t spend so much of my time with you either.

For today, I will wrap you in love, I will let you sit blubbering quietly in my chest and carry on with my day. I will hold your shoulders with compassion, not pity. I trust this medicine will do for today.

One day at a time. X