Great wisdom came to me this morning – just because another said a medicine is OK for you, one really needs to ask the plant for guidance themselves, ask for its permission and show it respect.

The New Age has opened natures medicinal cupboard doors – peyote, ayahuasca, cocoa and marijuana are becoming widely available to the masses as people seek to delve within to heal, explore and activate.

We need to remember that the medicine is within the Spirit of the plant itself and we need to respect and connect with it genuinely. Today I gulped down a cup of cocoa before I went off to dance at my local Dawn Dance group. Since then, I have had a lingering sadness. A pain has been triggered by the cocoa. When I asked Why? The spirit of cocoa said that it needed to be respected, I needed to connect to it, ask for its permission to be used. This was a powerful reminder to never just gulp down plant medicine, that we need to with genuine intention connect, respect and invite the spirit of the plant in awareness.

Let’s not forget the power of plant spirit and lets not forget to build the connection with respect and love so you can work together in harmony.

To work with the spirits in a helpful and nourishing way one must connect to it. A simple moment of moving to your heart and asking from that loving space whether you have permission to use it and ask to be guided in how you should use it.