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The Glue that Holds it all Together is You

You know I thought it was ‘him’ that glued all those experiences of love together, ‘him’ Continue reading “The Glue that Holds it all Together is You”

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Featured post

Poem: I love You

I love that you’re alive.

I love that you’re using your tongue Continue reading “Poem: I love You”

Canoe Truth

Grounding in Malkuth: Manifesting from Higher Realms

If the refractors of light from Tiphareth are not of a strong force, they will lose their energy before they can manifest into Malkuth. Weakened force is indicated when images of greatness are revealed in Yesod, however do not manifest into Malkuth. Continue reading “Grounding in Malkuth: Manifesting from Higher Realms”

Aching heart sour as unripe grapes grips my sides and won’t  Continue reading

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